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The top referring sites in 2010 were en.wordpress.com, mail.yahoo.com, facebook.com, wsglanka.com, and equal-ground.org.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for universal access and human rights, isa guha, isa guha pics, kumar sangakkara, and together we are the solution.

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Castle Hospital for Women, discriminates HIV+ woman! May 2010


Universal Access and Human Rights June 2009


Jericho Paterno on Migration and HIV & AIDS July 2009
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About May 2009
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There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one! May 2010


Postponed agian! Yes! Once agian!

With much regret, we have to inform you that, the Candlelight Memorial Event which was scheduled to happen on the 23rd (Sunday) May has been postponed once again without a decision on an alternative date due to the prevailing weather condition and the postponement of the National Victory Day Celebrations organized by the Government of Sri Lanka at the Galle Face Green.

On behalf of the National Youth Coalition of Sri Lanka,  we would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the postponement of the event for the second time. We will keep you guys posted on the latest developments. Please pass the message to your friends, family and contacts on the change of the event. Write to us for more information at: nycsrilanka@gmail.com.

Join us @ the Galle Face Green on the 23rd May, Sunday

Colombo Pride!

This year’s thrilling Colombo PRIDE celebrations include a variety of must see and must do events – a once a year celebration of diversity with Pride! Join us in a month long festival of fashion shows, film festivals, art & photo exhibitions, plays and kite flying and more -the first of its kind in Asia!

11-12 June: Youth Conference – “Live and Let live:Respecting Gender and Sexuality” (prior applications necessary – please apply through our website, application forms will be provided soon)

20th June: Rainbow Runway – Fashion show (Tickets for sale at EQUALGROUND from 10th June onwards)

24th June: Rainbow Pride party (Tickets for sale at EQUAL GROUND from 10th June onwards)

1 July: Special Film Screening – “Beyond Gay: The politics of Pride” – Hosted by the British High Commission

5-7 July:
• Rainbow Visions – LGBT Art and Photo exhibition
• Celluloid Rainbows – LGBT Film Festival – Hosted by the British Council

10th July: LGBTIQ theatre performance – “Leave a light on for me”

11th July: Rainbow Kite Festival on Mt. Lavinia Beach

Contact Equal Ground for details on venues, tickets, times and any other information.

Email: info@equal-ground.org/equalground@gmail.com
Tel: 94-11-2512977 or 5679766

There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one!

On behalf of the National Youth Coalition of Sri Lanka on Sexual & Reproductive Health and its affiliated organizations it’s with great pleasure that, we invite you and your respective organization to be a part of the International Candlelight Memorial Event 2010 to be held at the Galle Face Green on Sunday, May 23rd.

In an effort to raise the bar on Sri Lanka’s response to HIV & AIDS, a group of local organizations,  actively work in the field of HIV & AIDS, Sexuality and Sexual Reproductive Rights (SRH) have come together to form one collective voice! This coalition who have adopted the slogan ‘Together We Are the Solution’ as their mantra, believes in consistent and clear messages in terms of advocacy and awareness on HIV & AIDS, Sexuality and SRH.

Whilst Sri Lanka remains “a low prevalence” country HIV & AIDS infections are on the rise, 137 new infections were reported in 2009. Moreover, if we are to learn the lessons from other South Asian nations like India, a country that has a “low prevalence” of HIV should strive to remain a “low prevalence” country. Awareness, education and advocacy are needed now!

The HIV & AIDS response thus far in Sri Lanka has been focused mainly on most at risk populations (MARPS) e.g. Commercial sex workers, Intravenous Drug users, trishaw drivers, beach boys, etc. however the coalition believes that all populations matter, especially the youth, if we are to arrest the spread of HIV in our country. The marginalization of MARPS, the stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV (PLHIV) results from the silence and ignorance that surrounds issues related to HIV, sex and sexuality.

The coalition wants to go beyond isolated workshops, events that spring up around World AIDS Day, and seeks to challenge the young people and not so young people of our country to LEARN MORE! STAND UP! & SPEAK OUT! To remove the culture of silence and fear that surrounds HIV, sex and sexuality and to move towards and equitable society for all.

With the technical and financial support from FPA Sri Lanka and Standard Chartered Bank in Sri Lanka, Together We Are The Solution is to have its program at the Galle Face Green on the 23rd of May 2010.

A team of volunteers from across the island will be trained in handling the event and activities, as Together We Are the Solution believes in clear and consistent messaging in their education and awareness programmes. Volunteers will first be trained in Colombo at the FPA Sri Lanka, 37/27, Bullers Lane, Colombo 07 on the 23rd May. The programme at the Galle Face Green will commence at 3.00 p.m. on the 23rd May culminating with the candlelight memorial at 7.30 p.m. in order to commemorate the people who lost their lives due to HIV and AIDS and was stigmatized as a result of their HIV status.

read the complete press release here

the Candlelight Memorial Event postponed!

This is to inform you’ll that, the Candlelight Memorial event which was scheduled for the Sunday, May 16th 2010 has been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.

The event will now be held on the Sunday, May 23rd at the Galle Face Green starting wt 3.00 p.m. onwards.

For more information, please feel free to contact either Janitha Basnayake on 071-4440234 or Paba Deshappriya on 071-8015702 .

The National Youth Coalition extends its great regret for any inconvenience caused due to the change in the dates.

together we are the solution!

So these are the activities planned for the 16 May (Sunday) at the Galle Face Green;

Refresher Programme for the Volunteers.

A short refresher programme will be done at the Galle Face Green itself to polish up the existing knowledge base within the coalition. Resources within the coalition of organizations and individuals will be used with no additional cost. The programme will commence at 12 noon along with lunch and will be of about 2 to 3 hours in duration.

A volunteer group of about 30 or more individuals are willing to be a part of this refresher programme. All material developed during the campaign last year will be used for this purpose.

One-on-one awareness raising programme.

Once the volunteers refresh their knowledge on the subject matter, they will start a one-on-one awareness campaign in the entire area. They will talk to the general public by giving out brochures and leaflets and there by generate interest to be receptive to information. Once they talk to them, the volunteers will pin a red ribbon to symbolize that, they have been given information related to HIV and AIDS.

The key to success in this activity is that, the more people you reach the higher the impact would be. Thus, the volunteers are encouraged to speak to more and more people and specifically the influential people in the surrounding such as the three-wheeler drivers, military personnel, etc.

Disruptive Theatre.

Disruptive theatre can grab the attention of the general public in seconds and it makes people think of their lives as they might not be aware the intention of the theatre and what’s actually happening. This avoids theatre being considered as just merely for entertainment. It is much easier and effective to give messages in this form rather than street drams and other tools.

Wesak Lantern making and lighting them along the Galle Road.

Since it’s the Wesak season and people are attracted to places where lanterns are being made and displayed, we believe that using Wesak lanterns to give a message on the candlelight memorial event. In other words, this will be the centre of attraction.

We intend to bring around forty readymade lanterns and leave it in the location while have an area where volunteers would sit and would be making more lanterns then and there. Soon after the public being caught their attention the volunteers would invite them to join them and make more lanterns. These lanterns will be decorated with red ribbons, etc. Any one is free to make any kind of lantern with the available resources.

Once the lanterns are made, those will be hung along the Galle Road and will be lit by the general public itself around 7.30 p.m. we would also invite key people like the Officer-in-charge of the Colombo Fort Police station, military personnel present in the area, etc to be a part of the entire event.

We believe that, these lanterns would give us a chance to commemorate the people who lost their lives due to HIV and AIDS and was stigmatized as a result of their HIV status. Also it would add more colour and glamour to the event. As mentioned earlier, this would be the centre of attraction at the venue.

Involvement of Celebrities.

We in tend to invite various celebrities and well known people to be a part of the event and help us out to talk to people, distribute brochures and pin red ribbons. This is done to ensure the fact that, HIV and AIDS can be infected by any person and it’s extremely all right to get involved and be activist in helping the others to protect themselves. We believe that, people would open up to well known personalities and would be much more receptive to information.

The celebrities and the known figures coming in for the event would be asked to act completely unaware of a planned event to make it much more interesting and spontaneous. They would pretend to be that, either they came to Galle Face randomly or saw something happening and was attracted. The public should not be aware that they were invited to the venue specifically for a event or so.

If anyone have contacts of people whom you could convince to come, please do so and let us know.

Banners and t-shirts with messages on HIV and AIDS.

All banners printed earlier for our previous campaign would be used for this purpose to keep the cost at a minimal. However, we are intending to print some t-shirts with messages on it and also as few give-a-ways for most supportive individuals in the location.

I have also attached the proposal with the budget in this email. Please go through and give comments. Also let us know if anyone knows of anyone who could fund this.

That’s about it.

So join us on the 16th and help us out!

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